Waste & resource management

From the EU Roadmap for Resource Efficiency to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, leaders across the world are recognising that applying innovation is the best way to reduce our natural resource consumption, improve material efficiency and reduce risk.

Since the waste hierarchy was adopted in law, our team has been working with clients to help them to move their priorities from recycling up to more favourable ways of managing resources, including reuse and waste prevention.

LRS provides waste and resource management services that help you review and implement projects and services that support achieving your challenging government and shareholder targets about waste and recycling.

Our services have helped transform the way in which businesses and organisations manage their resources, leading to considerable cost savings and minimised environmental impacts.

We focus on the following main areas:

To find out more, or to discuss a project with us, please contact Dee Moloney on 020 7936 9758 or dee.moloney@lrsconsultancy.com.