Sustainable supply chains

Today's supply chains are confronted by both risk and business opportunity.  On the one hand the hidden costs, or externalities, of operating a standard production model of resource extraction, manufacture and distribution, and end-of-life disposal are beginning to be recognised.  On the other, organisations are seeking to create long-term shareholder value and their own longevity by putting sustainable principles at the core of their business plans and operations to take advantage of new market opportunities. 
What is evident is that a one size fits all supply chain cannot provide an adequate response to the challenges now faced by organisations.  Successful organisations are restructuring their supply chains to facilitate responsiveness to new opportunities whilst ensuring that finite resources are managed and costs contained. 

There is growing recognition that the supply chain can deliver both the business and corporate and social responsibility agendas.  Organisations that build responsible supply chains, have effective waste management strategies and the right infrastructure in place are likely to be more competitive.  This may require new forms of collaboration, capability and innovation.

Drawn from a range of blue-chip businesses and the public sector, our team has a deep understanding of end to end supply chains. We work with our clients, using our cross sector expertise to design and develop practical, cost-effective closed loop supply chain solutions, which generate tangible long-term benefits.

We focus on the following main areas:

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