LRS provides clients with a competitive advantage, giving them access to our expertise in resource efficiency and sustainability, across six key areas:

We support clients at every step of their journey from supply to production and consumption, to helping to change perceptions about products and how they are used and reused, through to production for remanufacture and processing waste as a resource.

Our specialist services give clients access to: research capabilities; project management and monitoring and evaluation methodologies that provide a competitive advantage and or first mover opportunities; financial benefits and sustainability; genuine environmental knowledge and credentials, and excellent customer care as we support them to identify risks and generate opportunities associated with the resources they use or manage in the course of their organisations’ daily activities. As part of our project delivery, we offer all clients the evidence of carbon emissions savings needed for reporting purposes.

We empathise with our clients, challenging them to think differently about their business issues and work with them to create and implement innovative practical solutions that improve business performance.